I’m going to go out on a limb and claim that 85% of writers are introverts. We’re in our own heads, our own worlds, and we spend an inordinate time alone – and we like it that way! 

Then our books get sold and publishers start mentioning the “P” word. PROMOTION. As in, “What kind of plans do you have to promote your book?” Ummmm. Does crossing my fingers count? 

Promotion is so uncomfortable. First it entails authors telling friends and family about our book, making us feel like big braggers. Then, it’s asking complete strangers – bloggers, podcasters, book reviewers, other authors – to read and promote our book. Then, if one does review it favorably, we need to post this news on social media. More bragging! Ugh!

Each time I reach out to one of these influencers, I am back in junior high, going house to house asking neighbors to sponsor my speed skating team. In return for their money, they’d get a flimsy sticker of a flying skate. Not surprisingly, most turned me down. Reaching out to book reviewers feels like going door-to-door, a nervous smile pasted on my face.

This also brings to mind comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s bit on answering your door. It’s HILARIOUS:


While you enjoy that, I’m off to ring more virtual doorbells.

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