Hello dear reader!

Thank you so much for your interest in More Than A Thief. It truly means the world to me. It’s like I’ve just made the most delicious meal I am capable of making and you have just sat down at my table and picked up your fork. Now I am holding my breath, hoping you will enjoy it!

So how did a nice lady like me (?) end up writing a story about a kleptomaniac and an alleged killer? I’m so glad you asked.

After my middle grade book, Best Friends Forever: A WWII Scrapbook came out, my editor asked for another historical topic I could possibly put into scrapbook format. I tried to think of what subject or person a middle schooler might find fascinating. Looking back to my own schooling, every year in social studies, we had to write a report on a famous person, and I remember scanning the list, eagerly searching for someone interesting. Or mysterious.  Or even slightly creepy. Every year I was disappointed, and ended up writing about Abe Lincoln, because he grew up in a log cabin and I loved log cabins. 

So, in considering my next book, I thought about who or what I would have wanted to see on that list. The Salem witch hunt came to mind, but that subject was overdone at the time. Then one name came to mind: Lizzie Borden. I began researching and was both shocked and thrilled by all that I found. Thus began a 10 year journey in crafting many different versions, finally ending up with the book you see here:

Ok, reader, time to grab a copy and dig in. And if you enjoy More Than A Thief, I’d be forever grateful if you’d pop a review onto Amazon, Indiebound, Goodreads, or share on any of your socials. And tell your friends! Word of mouth is still the number one form of advertising. Enjoy!

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