Beverly Patt is available for school, group or book club visits. Choose your own topic you’d like her to address or pick one of the following:

Writing: It’s Just Not for Authors Anymore

Children’s novelist Beverly Patt discovered the power of the written word when she was just five years old. With the writing of just two words – eight little letters – she changed the course of history…or at least of one afternoon. Ms. Patt will demonstrate how good writing skills are necessary not just for authors but also for policemen, scientists, chefs – you name it. She’ll also reveal how poor writing skills can get you into a pack of trouble! If time allows, she may read a ‘teaser’ from her latest novel and answer questions from the audience.

The Story of a Novel – From Start to Finish

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how your choice of Beverly Patt’s novels grew from a seed of an idea to a published book!

With BEST FRIENDS FOREVER: A WWII SCRAPBOOK, she’ll talk about where she got the idea, how that idea changed from a magazine story to a picture book to a novel to its final scrapbook format. See for yourself the rejection notices, critique letters, failed
attempts, stacks of research and finally the full color “galleys” of the book, with artwork and editorial notes!

Groups choosing MORE THAN A THIEF will learn about Beverly’s twelve year journey through changes in editors, publishing houses and two agents and mounds of research before sealing the deal, as well as all of the versions the novel went through to get to its final copy!

A short question and answer period will complete each session.

Ask an Author

For book clubs or small groups, invite Beverly Patt to speak at your next meeting. Ask her all your burning questions, book related or not!

Fill out your information on the CONTACT page and Beverly will respond ASAP.

Thank you for your interest!

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