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More Than a Thief

Sixteen-year-old socialite and kleptomaniac, Victoria Robbins, attempts to prove her friend, Lizzie Borden, innocent of a double murder, but ends up fearing her own thieving urges may turn murderous as well.

Best Friends Forever

German-American Louise Kessler, 14, starts a scrapbook when her best friend, Dottie Masuoka, leaves for the Japanese internment camps. Louise’s scrapbook includes items from her life “on the home front” as well as Dottie’s letters and drawings from the internment camp. Together, their intertwined stories tell of a friendship that even war cannot tear apart.


Fourteen-year-old Latonya Dennison needs a home and, as luck would have it, Rudy Morris’s home is available. However, because Latonya is black and Rudy’s family is white, the foster care system is unwilling to make the placement. When Latonya, Rudy and Rudy’s goofball friend, Stark, take matters into their own hands, each discovers a unique definition of family, as well as a few surprises along the road.

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