One of the biggest and most delightful surprises so far in this crazy publishing journey of mine is the number of adult Book Clubs who have invited me to be their guest. Club members read my book and then I come to their meeting where they then pepper me with amazing and thought-provoking questions. It’s been a blast!

But Book Clubs aren’t for everyone. There are usually adult beverages involved, and lots of snacks, so if you’re trying to cut down on either of those, you might decide just to avoid the temptation. The meetings tend to be held in the evenings, which can be tough, schedule-wise, travel-wise and childcare-wise. And, as much as you want to talk crap about the main character’s best friend, or how you correctly guessed the mermaid was actually a werewolf, book clubs are full of PEOPLE, and after a hard day of whatever you do, you might prefer the company of your bathtub, the TV or your goldfish.

Enter On-line Book clubs! Read a book with others, share your thoughts and opinions, all without having to do your make up or leave the comfort of your favorite spot on the couch. (And they’re free, too!) Goodreads boasts groups for every genre, every age group, practically every hair color. Amazon offers public and private (just you and your pals) book clubs. Reddit has a book club too – with 166K members! Comment when you want, make new reading friends, learn about new (and old) books, and keep the convo going. If you can’t find an online group you like, you can always start your own!

Can’t think of a better way to sign off than with this link to “The 7 People You’ll Find in Every Book Club” starring the wonderful cast of Schitt’s Creek. Enjoy!

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