So You Want to Write?

So, write. A lot. As much as you can. Every day. You won’t always feel inspired, or creative, but do it anyway. Don’t romanticize it – hanging out at your local coffee shop in your artsy scarf, scribbling away in your artsy journal with your artsy pen, for all to see and admire. Just show up to your desk every day and write.

This is called BIC or Butt In Chair.

You keep writing (weeks? months? years?) until you come up with something not terrible. Here I am, BIC – or, BIB (Butt in Bench), if we’re being technical. DSCN0624

One can only sit for so long, however, before it’s time for some BOOC – Butt Out Of Chair. I used to think all BOOC must be spent on something writing-related. Studying books about writing, attending workshops about writing, reading other writers’ books. Buying cool pens and notebooks – for writing.

Then one day, I wandered into a yarn shop. Holy moly. The colors! The textures! The patterns! I started knitting, and immediately felt energized.

My first sweater!

My first sweater!

Consequently, my BIC time became more productive. More creative. More fun.

So, I then took up tennis.                                                                        And Soup-making.

No comments on my form. I'm LEARNING!

No comments on my form. I’m LEARNING!





Just lately, I discovered this thing called television. Two of my current obsessions:

BBC Series: Broadchuch

BBC Series: Broadchuch


BBC also: Sherlock

BBC also: Sherlock



In short, if you want to be a writer, do the work. But take time out to play as well.


How can you sit down to write until you have stood up to live? – Henry David Thoreau