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(Marshall Cavendish) Spring 2010

German-American Louise Kessler, 14, starts a scrapbook when her best friend, Dottie Masuoka, leaves for the Japanese internment camps. Louise’s scrapbook includes items from her life “on the home front” as well as Dottie’s letters and drawings from the internment camp. Together, their intertwined stories tell of a friendship that even war cannot tear apart.





  • Download a Teacher’s/Reader’s Guide to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER: A WW II SCRAPBOOK, with Suggested Activities
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(Blooming Tree Press, November, 2009)

With his Christmas wish for an ATV dashed, Rudy Morris isn’t sure how he fits into his family anymore. Latonya Dennis just wants a family to fit into. Their paths cross on Christmas Day, when Latonya ends up as the annual orphan at the Morris household. But Latonya doesn’t disappear from their lives the day after Christmas like the other orphans have. She pulls Rudy and his best friend, Stark, into a scheme to fix up a rusty old ATV and use it to help her run away from her group home, The Haven. Rudy reluctantly agrees but as the day draws near, his own feelings for her get in the way. What’s a getaway driver to do?




  • Download the Teacher’s/Reader’s Guide to HAVEN, with Suggested Activities
  • Download an Interview with the Author about HAVEN
  • Make Mrs. Morris’ Black bread! Download recipe HERE




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