Cook Until Done

My mom has passed away but one of the treasures I’ve held on to is her recipe box. You can tell how popular a dish was by how frayed and stained the card is. Some have notes to herself, reminders to bake on the middle rack or double the recipe to have enough for leftovers. And others contain Mom’s trademarked phrase: “Cook until done.”
Because Mom was a creative cook. She’d add ingredients she had in the fridge and wanted to use up. She’d substitute milk for sour cream. Or vice versa. She’d toss in some vegetables just to make it interesting. No two dinners were ever the same. But they were always delicious.
While writing this new novel, I have thought often of Mom’s phrase, Cook until done.
Because, for the first time ever, I have an editor interested in taking a gander at this work-in-progress when it’s finished. So of course, I want it done NOW.
But it can’t be ready
until it’s done.
And it can’t be done
until all the ingredients blend together
and gel
into something quite wonderful.
Like Mom’s concoctions, it can’t be rushed.
Cook until done.
Write until done. And done well.
 (But not well done;)

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